Below you find a overview of our skirting-board heating products.
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Skirting heating TMM Climaboard ST

Climaboard Skirting Heating

Climaboard ST is supplied as a complete set comprising 2 metre sections of 01-1020 heat exchanger, front panel 01-1007, top profile 01-1008, backplate 01-1009 and ample mounting clips 01-1023. Size 140x30x2000mm, colour white RAL 9010. Climaboard ST is sold in 2 metre lengths.

TMM Climaboard Skirting heating "Power"

Complete TMM skirting heating “Power” set comprising 2 meter sections of 01-1320 Power heat exchanger with unique double fin arrangement putting out arouind 20% more heat per meter than ST.

Skirting heating DUO

TMM Climaboard DUO is used where higher heat outputs to cover heating loads are required or where is little wall space available for installation. TMM Clima DUO accommodate 2 heating elements, thus increasing the power per square meter to about 60%.

Electric skirting heating

Based on the use of electrical resistance elements installed into a special heating-grade aluminium skirting profile, Climaboard dry electrical systems are especially suited to situations where there is no mains gas or the building design and construction cannot incorporate wet systems.

Totally maintenance-free, the Climaboard dry electrical system runs very efficiently at 200W/meter, using about 25 to 30% less energy than radiators to heat a room to a comfortable level. The additional cost of the elements works out far less than the cost of an equivalent output boiler. The elements are warranted for two years but can be easily and inexpensively replaced in the unlikely event of a failure.